PSR webinar on expanding variable recurring payments - our call for views

15/01/2024 16:00 - 17:00

Online - via MS Teams

This event has now finished

We are hosting a webinar to discuss the development of variable recurring payments (VRP). In 2023, an industry-led, PSR-chaired working group produced recommendations on how to scale further adoption of VRP. As part of our commitment to our strategy and ensuring greater choice and competition within UK payments in the interests of people and businesses, we are consulting on how VRP services can be provided in a fair, sustainable, and efficient way.

Continued collaboration between industry and regulators is crucial in helping to unlock open banking’s potential. This webinar is an opportunity to engage with us, ahead of the consultation’s close on 2 February 2024, on the key elements we are consulting on: the VRP commercial model, participation of payment service providers, and how best to co-ordinate VRP rules and standards.

If you have a question you would like to submit for discussion during the session, please include it in the form below.

We will observe Chatham House Rules. 

We're particularly keen for payments industry firms, including banks, fintechs and PISPs as well as trade bodies and system operators along with firms in the use case sectors such as energy, water, financial services, government departments and consumer groups to join this discussion. This is not open to media. 

Please register your attendance by 11 January 2024. We will send an email to you with joining instructions in the lead up to the webinar.