Supporting the successful renewal of the UK’s interbank payment systems



by Genevieve Marjoribanks

The New Payments Architecture (NPA) is one of the most significant changes to the UK’s interbank payments landscape in a generation. That’s why we’re consulting on ways to make sure risks to the delivery of the NPA are reduced while its benefits are maximised.

Let’s pretend that I owe you some money. Maybe we went to the cinema or had a meal together; you paid and now I need to settle up.

(And yes, I know that right now the chances of this scenario actually happening are pretty remote. But let’s just pretend – for one blissful moment - that the pandemic never happened and we can still do these things.)

Unless I give you cash, I'm probably going to send money from my bank to yours through online banking, or via a banking app on my smartphone. And millions of others are doing the same; last year, billions of payments were made in this way.

Interbank payments, those that flow from one bank account to another, are the lifeblood of many people’s finances.

So, whether I'm receiving my wages or paying bills (via Bacs/Direct Debit), or transferring money to a friend using internet banking (via Faster Payments), interbank payment systems are as important to the smooth running of my everyday life as they are to the functioning of the UK’s economy as a whole. 

The NPA is the payment industry’s proposed way of organising the clearing and settlement of most interbank payments in the future, including those that currently use Bacs and Faster Payments. 

That’s why getting it right is hugely important. This is a once in a generation change to the fabric of our payment systems.

It’s a significant opportunity to make payments and payment systems more resilient, meet growing demand for digital payments, support increased competition and, ultimately – why it all really matters - benefit people and businesses across the UK.

But the work is at a critical stage and to help support the successful delivery of these improvements, we’re consulting on options for reducing risks in two main areas:

  • the procurement of the NPA’s central infrastructure services (CIS)
  • the promotion of competition and innovation in the NPA

The procurement of central infrastructure services

In late 2016, the creation of the NPA was proposed by the Payments Strategy Forum – an industry group we set up to develop a payments strategy for the 21st century.

The Forum envisaged the NPA would consist of a ‘thin’ core layer of centrally-procured CIS to handle clearing and settlement. Market players new and old would then compete to offer innovative services and products to participants, businesses and consumers.

Four years on and Pay.UK is responsible for delivering the Forum’s vision and is procuring a provider of CIS for the NPA. Its intention has been for the same contract to include services to enable