We aim for psr.org.uk to be compatible with recent versions of commonly used:

  • screenreaders (such as Jaws)
  • speech recognition software
  • browser screen magnifiers
  • speech and other assistive technology built into computer and smartphone operating systems

Colour combination and text styles are also tested to be compliant.

The new website works within the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The newly developed website has been tested to a 2.1, ‘AA’ standard to ensure we are as inclusive as possible. 

Get help to customise your settings

The BBC’s My Web My Way provides detailed information on how to change browser and computer settings to suit you.

Portable document format (PDF) files

Documents on our website are published in PDF format. To access them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

Coding standards

We use HTML5 code to write our website and CSS to style it. We use (and will use) the latest coding practises to ensure accessibility compliance.


Please contact contactus@psr.org.uk if you have trouble using psr.org.uk. Your feedback helps us make improvements.

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