As well as all of the important pieces of work we have in progress, our Strategy sets out our overarching vision for payments and our key priorities and aims.

Our Strategy brings together our ideas for how payment systems and services should adapt for the future and focuses on our core role - to protect the interests of people and businesses, and to promote effective competition and innovation in payments.

Hear from Natalie Timan, our Head of Strategy and Intelligence (formerly Strategy, Analysis and Monitoring), about what we want to see in payments.

What we want to see...


1. Payment systems meet people's needs

Everyone can make and receive payments in ways that suit them.

Larger image - case study - flexible worker who needs flexible payments

2. Users are protected

People and businesses are protected when they make payments.

Larger image - case study - confirmation of payee

3. Effective competition in payments

Effective competition in payments leads to better services for everyone.

Larger image - case study - two businesses with different needs

4. Efficient payment systems

Payment systems are efficient and commercially sustainable.

Larger image - Efficient payment systems

Four priority action areas

1. Access and choice.

Ensure everyone can use the payment services they rely on and have effective payment options.

2. Protection.

Ensure people and businesses are sufficiently protected when using the UK's payment systems.

3. Competition.

Promote competition between payment systems and in payment services.



4. Unlocking account-to-account payments.

Act to ensure the interbank systems provide infrastructure, rules and incentives that foster innovation and competition.

Click the link below to read the handy summary version of our Strategy.