Individual rules may also include guidance to clarify how a rule will be applied. 

We also adopt guidance documents which set out how we intend to act, the expectations we have and the procedures and processes we will typically follow.

Objectives Guidance

How we propose to advance our statutory objectives.

Administrative Priority Framework

How we will assess incoming work and prioritise our efforts and resources.

Super-complaints Guidance

The procedure to follow for representative bodies complaining about harm to service-users.

Penalties Guidance

Statement of the principles we will follow in setting penalties.

Powers and Procedures Guidance

Our powers and the procedures we will follow under FSBRA to adopt policy decisions, handle disputes, carry out investigations and information gathering, and take enforcement action.

Competition Act 1998 (CA98) Guidance

Our concurrent competition enforcement powers under the Competition Act 1998 (CA98) and the procedures we will follow in CA98 investigations.

Markets Guidance

Our powers and the procedures we will follow in relation to market reviews under FSBRA as well as market studies and market investigation references under the Enterprise Act 2002 (EA02).

Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) Guidance 

We are the main authority for monitoring and enforcing the IFR.