The UK Regulator’s Network (UKRN) have announced that Chris Hemsley, Managing Director of the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), will succeed Jonathan Brearley as CEO from January 2023. 

The UKRN brings together regulators to collaborate to improve outcomes for consumers and the economy. Its member regulators cover a wide range of sectors and issues, including transport, utilities, communications, housing and financial services.

The UKRN CEO is rotated among the full members of the network and, on their behalf, provides oversight, advice and leadership to the work of the UKRN.

Chris Hemsley, Managing Director at PSR and incoming CEO to UKRN, said:

“The UKRN plays an important role in supporting collaboration across regulators by sharing knowledge and ideas. This is particularly important as people and businesses across the UK respond to cost-of-living challenges, which are having an impact right across the regulated sectors.

“The UKRN's work also supports its members in making sure customers benefit from the UK being a good place to invest in our infrastructure. Looking ahead, I am also keen that we look for opportunities in the growth of digital and its potential to improve outcomes across the regulated sectors.”

Chris will become CEO of the UKRN alongside his role as the PSR’s Managing Director.

The full announcement can be viewed on the UKRN’s website: