The Payment Systems Regulator has appointed two new senior advisers: Tessa Lyndon-Skeggs and Rob Kenny. 

Senior advisers provide advice and challenge to help the PSR prioritise, understand issues and decide how best to intervene to improve outcomes for people and businesses. 

Tessa Lyndon-Skeggs is an experienced consultant with a focus on strategy and ecosystem change in financial services. She is a retail payments expert with particular expertise on open banking, where she previously led multiple programmes of work for numerous sectors of the payments industry and regulators to determine the future of these payments and the current barriers. 

Rob Kenny is a regulatory expert with experience working in telecoms, media and technology. Previously he headed strategy and mergers & acquisitions for various large telecoms companies in Hong Kong and the US  

Tessa starts work on 20 March, with Rob starting on 4 April. Full biographies can be found below. 

Chris Hemsley, the PSR’s Managing Director, said:  

"Senior advisers play a key role at the PSR, not just in offering advice, challenge and insight but by helping make sure our work is robust and effective. In doing this they help the PSR deliver better value for money and have a meaningful impact. 

“Tessa and Rob bring a huge amount of experience to the PSR on payments, regulation, economics and on technology – having worked with big business and governments internationally. This is important in light of the pace of change in the payments sector, and the impact that our work has supporting the UK economy and society more generally."  

Biographical information 

Tessa Lyndon-Skeggs (LinkedIn) runs LS Consulting having previously been in the finance industry in multiple roles including as Head of Strategy for the Commercial COO at RBS/NatWest and then Director at consulting firm, Baringa Partners LLP.   Tessa has extensive experience working in the payments industry working with all organisations from Fintechs, to banks, to trade bodies and regulators and in considering how these come together to enable innovation and change.  Tessa is well known in the payments industry for her pragmatic approach and ability to break down problems to help organisations make decisions and to accelerate the teams to deliver long term outcomes. 

Rob Kenny (LinkedIn) is co-founder of Communications Chambers, a consultancy advising the telecoms, media and technology sectors. He works with companies, regulators and governments, with a focus on regulation and policy. His clients include virtually all the major digital platforms, several of the world’s largest telecoms companies, and leading media organisations. He has also written a number of academic papers on TMT issues. Previously he headed strategy and/or M&A for major telecoms companies in Hong Kong and the US.