Competition Act 1998 (CA98) investigations  

We have concurrent powers to enforce the prohibitions under UK competition law on anti-competitive agreements and conduct in relation to participation in payment systems in the UK.

Our CA98 Guidance describes how we exercise our concurrent competition enforcement powers in respect of the prohibitions in Chapter I and Chapter II CA98 in relation to participation in payment systems within the UK, in particular the enforcement processes we will follow, and how these relate to our other powers and duties.

Our CA98 work

CA98 investigation into the supply of prepaid cards

Statement of objections

Infringement decision


Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) investigations  

As the lead authority for the UK IFR, we have published guidance on our approach to monitoring and enforcing the IFR. Our powers to monitor and enforce the IFR are set out in the Payment Card Interchange Fee Regulations 2015

Our IFR work

Investigation into NatWest Group banks’ non-compliance with the IFR

Conclusion of investigation

Investigation into Barclays' failure to comply with the IFR 

Conclusion of investigation