In 2015, we established the Payments Strategy Forum.   

The Forum consisted of 22 members from across the payments sector - including representatives of both users of payment systems and providers of payment services - and a Chair who was independent from industry. 

It was tasked with leading a process to identify, prioritise, and develop strategic industry initiatives where the payments industry needs to work together to deliver innovation for the benefit of everyone who uses payment systems.  

Over 300 stakeholders provided input to the Forum’s work. We attended Forum meetings as an observer, alongside the FCA and the Bank of England, and provided the secretariat to the Forum.  

On 29 November 2016, the Forum delivered its strategy for the development of interbank payments, which outlined a set of collaborative proposals to meet the needs of users. Having delivered its final strategy, the PSR asked the Forum to continue and take ownership of the first phase of design and implementation in 2017. In December 2017, the Forum published a blueprint for delivering its strategy. 

It’s work complete, the Forum was wound down in December 2017. 

You can find documentation relating to the Forum’s work by following the links below.  

The views expressed here are those of the Forum and those who contributed to the work of the Forum. They, therefore, do not necessarily reflect our thinking or policies.