We have issued a call for input, asking for views from payment service providers (PSPs) to help inform our work on authorised push payment scams. 


In March we published final terms of reference that set out how we will consider the potential for payment system operators (PSOs) to play a greater role in minimising consumer harm caused by authorised push payment (APP) scams.

This project forms part of the package of work we announced in our response to the Which? super-complaint regarding APP scams.

Why are we publishing this?

We are doing a call for input from PSPs because:

  • PSPs interact with payment systems, either directly or indirectly, on behalf of their end users. As a result, they are well placed to provide views as to whether there is any more that operators of those payment systems could potentially do to reduce harm from APP scams.
  • PSPs frequently operate across multiple geographies and jurisdictions, and may be aware of practices in other systems that we should consider as part of this work.
  • PSPs also typically themselves undertake a significant amount of fraud prevention and mitigation work in order to reduce harm to their customers. They may therefore be well placed to provide views as to whether it is appropriate for elements of this work, or complementary work, to take place at the centre of payment systems.

Who should respond to this call for input?

This call for input is focussed primarily on gathering input from PSPs. However, we also welcome submissions from other interested parties.

Next steps

Please provide us with your response by 30 June 2017.

You can send us your comments and responses to our consultation questions by emailing us at app-scam-pso-project@psr.org.uk or write to us at the following address:

APP scams project team

Payment Systems Regulator Limited

25 The North Colonnade

Canary Wharf

London E14 5HS

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