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Card-acquiring market remedies: consultation on proposed revisions to Specific Directions 14, 15 and 16

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We are consulting on our proposal to revise our Specific Directions 14, 15 and 16, which relate to the supply of card-acquiring services.

We propose to update the list of directed legal entities and amend the method we use to update changes to it in future. We also propose to add Checkout Ltd to the list of directed parties under the directions.

Why we are proposing these changes:

1. Several directed providers have notified us of changes to the legal entities that supply services to UK customers.

2. We want to introduce a more efficient mechanism to capture any future changes to the legal entities servicing UK customers listed in the directions.

3. We obtained market evidence that Checkout Ltd, based on its share of card transactions acquired at UK outlets, now falls within the set of most significant providers of card-acquiring services.

How to get in touch with your comments:

This consultation is open until 5pm on 9 February 2024. 

You can send your comments and responses to our consultation questions by emailing us at camr-compliancemonitoring@psr.org.uk

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