This document sets out the figures we will use to calculate the regulatory fees for each PSR fee payer in 2024/25. We publish a similar document each year to provide the updated figures. 

You can find more about the way we will collect and allocate PSR fees in Chapter 4 of our policy statement PS18/12. Last year, we introduced a minimum yearly threshold of £100 for issuing fees. There’s more detail about the threshold in our policy statement PS 23/2.

You can use our fee calculator to help you estimate your annual invoice, but please note it is for guidance only and you should always pay the exact amount shown on your invoice. 

The amount of 2024/25 PSR fees we will collect 


Amount (rounded to nearest 10)

Annual funding requirement 2024/25


Transaction figures used to calculate 2024/25 PSR fees



Total transaction volume across all fee payers


Total transaction value across all fee payers


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