General Direction 1 requires participants and regulated persons to have an open and cooperative relationship with the PSR and to notify us of anything we would reasonably expect notice of.

Sending us notifications under General Direction 1

Regulated parties that have a regular contact at the PSR are welcome to use this contact  for GD1 notifications. Please clearly mark them as GD1 notifications.

Regulated parties that don’t have an established contact should email our general enquiries inbox (, putting ‘GD1 notification’ as the email subject. If you need to provide confidential information, please provide as much background as possible in your initial email; we will contact you to assist you in providing the confidential information.


This is the revised version of General Direction 1 we published in March 2020. We published the original General Direction 1 as a part of our ‘day one’ Directions in March 2015.

In March 2018 we consulted on reviewing these Directions to ensure that they remained relevant and proportionate, reflecting market realities, changes to legislation and potential future developments. In March 2019 we published our decision on the review into our ‘day one’ Directions and consultation on the proposed Directions.

We also published our response paper RP20/1 in March 2020, explaining how we considered consultation responses to finalise the wording of the Directions. 

The revised General Direction 1 came into effect on 5 April 2020.

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