Important notice: As of 3 March 2022, Specific Direction 8 has been revoked by Specific Direction 12.

We are giving a specific direction to LINK Scheme Holdings Ltd (LINK), the operator of the LINK ATM system. 

The direction is designed to make sure LINK does all it can to fulfil the public commitments it made at the beginning of 2018 regarding the ongoing availability of access to free-to-use ATMs for UK consumers. We are requiring LINK to fully develop its policies and processes for applying and implementing its public commitments and to report to us on a regular basis. 

We consulted on a draft version of this specific direction in our consultation PSR CP18/2. We ran the consultation from 25 September 2018 for two weeks. We received submissions from six organisations: LINK, Which?, the Association of Convenience Stores, the Post Office, one bank and one independent ATM provider. All the respondents welcomed the draft direction and its objectives in principle. 

Taking account of the submissions we received, we consider that proceeding with the specific direction is the most appropriate way to ensure LINK does all that it can to deliver on its public commitments. 

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