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Forum Documents

Published 02 10 2015
Last updated 09 12 2015

F2: Agenda and Discussion Papers: Second Meeting of the Forum

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

PSF15122015(0)   Payments Strategy Forum agenda

PSF15122015(0)   Payments Strategy Forum minutes 08102015 - final

PSF15122015(0)   Payments Strategy Forum terms of reference - final

PSF15122015(2)   Forum away day output

PSF15122015(3)   Forum Strategy – objectives; principles and structure

PSF15122015(4)   Evaluation framework

PSF15122015(5)   Forum high level programme of work

PSF15122015(5a)  Annex 1: high level programme of work

PSF15122015(6a)  End user needs working group terms of reference

PSF15122015(6b)  End user needs working group work plan

PSF15122015(6c)  End user needs working group Forum report

PSF15122015(6d)  Simplifying access to markets working group terms of reference

PSF15122015(6e)  Simplifying access to markets working group work plan

PSF15122015(6f)   Simplifying access to markets working group Forum report

PSF15122015(6g)  Financial crime working group terms of reference

PSF15122015(6h)  Financial crime working group work plan

PSF15122015(6i)   Financial crime working group Forum report

PSF15122015(6j)   Horizon scanning working group terms of reference

PSF15122015(6k)  Horizon scanning working group work plan

PSF15122015(6l)   Horizon scanning working group Forum report

PSF15122015(7)    Forum engagement

15122015              Payments Strategy Forum minutes - draft

F1: Agenda and  Discussion Papers: First Meeting of the Forum

Thursday, 8 October 2015

PSF08102015(0)    Payments Strategy Forum agenda

PSF08102015(1)    Composition of the Payments Strategy Forum

PSF08102015(2)    Payments Strategy Forum terms of  reference – Draft

PSF08102015(3)    Strategy setting principles and priorities

PSF08102015(3a)   ANNEX 1 Strategy setting principles and priorities

PSF08102015(3b)   ANNEX 2 Summary of discussions: Payments Community Event
PSF08102015(4)     Forum work programme

08102015                Payments Strategy Forum minutes