Even though the popularity of cash is declining, many people still prefer to use or rely on cash as their primary way to pay. Looking to the future, it will be important to society as a whole that everybody continues to have a good choice of how to pay. 

The Access to Cash Review (ACR) describes how cash is still an important way for people to pay for things. The report contains some useful information which the regulator will use to supplement its own work along with that of other regulators and HM Treasury. 

“We have been carrying out work in this area to identify longer-term solutions to address this issue. 

“We all need a good choice of how to pay for the things we want and use every day. Today’s report highlights the importance of the availability of ATMs, alongside other ways to access cash. But we know the way people want to pay for things and the role of cash will both continue to evolve. 

“We will continue our focus within the current regulatory framework and we look forward to working with other regulators and government as this work evolves to address the issues over the longer term.”