We were delighted with the turnout. More than 160 people attended the event that represents a crucial milestone in the Forum’s development.

The Payments Community was established to influence the work programme of the Forum. So the aim of the event the event was to provide an update on issues that had been identified in more than 80 stakeholder meetings conducted by the PSR over the summer. It also provided an opportunity to gather further feedback and input.

Introducing the event, PSR Managing Director Hannah Nixon said:

“Today is about putting the people and organisations that use payment systems at the beginning of the strategy setting process. It’s really important to us that the Forum has a continuous emphasis on engaging and listening to the wider Payments Community.”

At the beginning of the day, the PSR presented a consolidated list of issues that was discussed further by participants in six hubs. A number of additional issues were also identified during the discussions. The PSR acted as facilitator, making sure sessions were on track and collecting the discussions from each group.

At the end of the day the Community voted for the issues they felt were the most important priorities for the Forum. The Forum will consider these at the first Forum meeting on 8 October 2015 and use them as the basis for its work programme.

In her closing, the Forum’s chair, Ruth Evans, spoke about the impact the Community and the Forum can have, saying:

“There is a huge prize at the end of the day. If we can get this right, we have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen the UK payments systems that are the envy of the world. One that supports the needs of users, has a direct positive impact on their lives and also supports economic growth and inclusiveness.”

After the first Forum meeting the secretariat will share the outputs from the event and make them available to everyone. The PSR will also create other opportunities for the Community to continue its involvement.

If you would like to join the Payments Community, please email forum@psr.org.uk.