We are extending the deadline for submissions to our Annual Review of Specific Direction 8 to close of play on Friday 1 November.

We are conducting a review of our Specific Direction 8 (SD8) which we gave to LINK at the end of last year, to make sure it does all it can to fulfil its commitment to maintain the broad geographic spread of free-to-use ATMs, and we would appreciate your views. 

We said that we would conduct an annual review of SD8. This is an opportunity for us to reassess LINK’s commitment and its related procedures, processes, policies and measures under SD8. 

We want to make sure that SD8 is working as well as it can, and invite you to submit views to this review. Some things you might consider providing feedback on include recent developments which mean Barclays’ customers can no longer withdraw cash using over the counter services at Post Offices and what this may mean for LINK’s policy towards Post Offices; the impact of the Low Volume Premium in relation to ATMs that LINK committed to protect; as well as the processes to replace closed Protected ATMs. 

Please submit responses via email to PSRcashaccess@psr.org.uk by 17:00 on Friday 1 November

You can access our Specific Direction 8 alongside LINK's Protected ATM Policy .