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Access to Account Services Questionnaires

The Forum aims to gather a broad cross section of views on the issues faced by Indirect Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to obtain account services and access to payment systems via providers (generally banks). The Forum is now seeking to collect the views of the industry through targeted questionnaires.

There is a specific questionnaire for institutions requiring access to payment systems (Indirect PSPs) and another questionnaire for those providing this access (Provider PSPs). The expectation is that the Indirect PSP questionnaire is applicable to all institutions that require any access to payment systems.

These questionnaires are available for completion from 3rd July 2017. The survey deadline has been extened to 5pm on 01st September 2017. Details on questionnaire submission can be found in the questionnaires themselves.  

Responses will be treated confidentially and individual responses will not be published. The responses will be used by the Forum to develop a final report and follow up actions.

Please click below to download the questionnaire. If you have any questions please contact the Forum Secretariat on

Update 11th September 2017: The deadline for responses has now passed.  Thank you to those who have responded, your responses are being assessed.