In March 2023 we issued Policy statement PS23/1, APP scams: Measure 1 – Collection and publication of performance dataSpecific Direction 18 (SD18) and Cycle 1 reporting guidance (to assist PSPs with providing the correct data).

We published our first set of performance data in October 2023. Following cycle 1, we consulted on some changes to cycle 2 around timings and reporting periods.

What does this document contain and why are we publishing it?

This document sets out finalised reporting guidance for the second reporting cycle. It aims to help PSPs provide us with the correct data and any additional information that we may need.

This is to ensure that PSPs provide us with high quality information that is relevant and accurate, and that PSPs are consistent in the reporting of the data – both between PSPs and across the reporting periods.

Who should read this document?

The majority of this guidance is for PSPs who are required to report and publish APP scams data, under Specific Direction 18.

This document also provides general guidance to receiving PSPs, including sponsors, regarding the process that we want them to follow, relating to the collection and publication of performance data about APP scam funds received (See Chapter 5: Metric C process).

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