List updated 14 June 2024

We have published a list of payment service providers (PSPs) that participate in the Faster Payments Scheme (FPS), and therefore may fall in scope of our Specific Direction 20 (SD20) (Faster Payments APP scam reimbursement requirement).

SD20 requires PSPs to follow certain rules for reimbursing victims of authorised push payment (APP)  fraud. These rules are set by the operator of Faster Payments, Pay.UK, under our Specific Requirement 1. We call them the FPS reimbursement rules.

We are providing this list to help PSPs understand whether they are captured by SD20.

Firms that participate in FPS and provide relevant accounts must comply with SD20 and the FPS reimbursement rules unless they can demonstrate otherwise. We do not guarantee that this is a complete list, but our assumption is that all firms on this list fall into this category. However, all firms are responsible for determining their legal obligations.


PSPs with direct access to a payment system are called direct participants. They settle payments through their own settlement account at the Bank of England, and process payments through a technical connection to the payment system’s central infrastructure.

An indirect access provider (IAP) is a participant in the interbank payment systems that provides access to other PSPs (‘indirect PSPs’). This arrangement allows the indirect PSPs to send and receive payments through the direct participant’s connection to the system. An IAP can be a direct or indirect PSP.

In SD20, we directed IAPs to send us a complete list of all their indirect PSP customers for the previous calendar year by 31 March each year.

We have combined these lists with responses to our latest annual access survey to compile a list of participants in Faster Payments.

The PSPs listed here currently fall in scope of Specific Direction 20 and must comply with the FPS reimbursement rules, unless they can demonstrate otherwise.

Keeping the list accurate

In SD20, we also directed IAPs to update us on any changes to their list of indirect PSPs. They must do this monthly. We will update the list on this page to reflect these changes.

This list is based on the responses we have received from directed IAPs. If you are a participant in FPS and are not named on this list, please email us at

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