In March 2023, we issued Policy statement PS23/1, APP scams: Measure 1 – Collection and publication of performance data, Specific Direction 18 (SD18) and Cycle 1 reporting guidance (to assist PSPs with providing the correct data).

We are now publishing guidance for PSPs, explaining the content that must be included as part of this data requirement, the format that must be used, and the timescales that must be followed.

Why we are publishing this document

We are requiring directed PSPs to publish data on APP fraud. The data will show fraud levels, fraud prevention rates and reimbursement levels. This will:

  • provide greater transparency about PSPs’ performance, making them more accountable
  • improve the level of reimbursement for APP fraud victims
  • create reputational incentives for PSPs to implement further fraud prevention measures

This guidance will assist PSPs in publishing the correct information.

Who should read this document

This guidance is for directed PSPs that must publish APP fraud data under our Specific Direction 18.

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