We are seeking members for the Payments Strategy Forum (the Forum), which we are establishing to help us to further our innovation objective.

The Forum will lead an ongoing process to identify, prioritise and develop initiatives where industry can work together to deliver innovation for the benefit of those who use services provided by payment systems (service users).

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for around 20 individuals in senior positions, with the ability to shape and make decisions on strategy and/ or policy within their organisations and/or their sector more broadly.

The Forum’s independent chair and the PSR will look to appoint a balance between those who can articulate the views of service-users and those who can effectively influence outcomes for these service-users in the payments sector.

What will Forum members do? 

Members will meet up to six times per year in the London area to participate in Forum discussions to identify, prioritise and develop initiatives where industry can work together to promote innovation for the benefit of service-users. They will put the interests of service-users at the centre of their contribution to Forum discussions, rather than representing the interests of their particular organisations. 

Members may be invited to attend additional meetings, for example as part of working groups to look at issues in further detail.  They will be expected to cover their own costs. However, where appropriate, we may decide to cover reasonable expenses.

Read the draft terms of reference for the Forum

How will members be selected?

We will work with the Forum’s independent chair to appoint members. Appointments will be based on an applicant’s expertise and their commitment to the work of the Forum. To ensure the Forum reflects the sector as a whole we will select senior individuals, drawn from a number of different interested groups.

Members will be appointed for an initial two year term. After a year we will, with the Forums chair, review the Forum’s membership as part of the joint review of the operation of the Forum. As all members are being appointed at the same time, the chair and the PSR may introduce succession planning for the Forum membership at an appropriate time, to ensure the continued effective functioning of the Forum. 

What if I am not selected but want to contribute to the Forum? 

Working groups

The Forum will call upon the expertise and skills of non-Forum members when it establishes working groups to look at specific issues in further detail. 

Payments community

We are also engaging with interested organisations and individuals to develop a payments community to work alongside the Forum. The payments community will include anyone with an interest in payment systems and related issues, whether members of the Forum or not. It will be a flexible engagement channel enabling payment service providers and users of payment systems to be consulted on and shape the Forum’s work. The Forum will also engage through formal calls for inputs and consultations.

The PSR will continue to engage with all interested stakeholders on the work of the Forum.

Deadline for responses

5pm on Wednesday 12 August 2015.

How to apply

Download the Membership Application Form and complete all sections electronically. You can send your completed application by email to Forum@psr.org.uk. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation from us.

How to nominate others

If you think someone other than yourself should be considered for membership of the Forum, please provide up to 200 words explaining the reasons for your nomination to Forum@psr.org.uk.

Nominations will help us to determine the final make-up of the Forum, once we have assessed each individual expression of interest on its merits. 

We will only consider nominations where the candidate has also applied in their own right.

Further Information

If you have further questions, please email Forum@psr.org.uk.

Read about the work that took place to set up the Forum.

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